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For the seventh time since Tom Osborne's retirement in 1997, Nebraska is looking for a coach. Nebraska has no natural rival in the Big Ten, as much as some want to make Iowa that team. Second tier is "May Generate Excitement." The resume is admittedly solid. Obviously he wasnt ready for the big job in Austin, but maybe Nebraska might be a better fit. It would be a jarring cultural change for him to come to Big Ten country. Plus he got axed from the Raiders on his second stint because of controversial emails sent a decade ago. on Sep 19, 2022, 8:38am CDT There is no doubt in his ability as a head coach. Stoops has produced double-digit win seasons, has his program regularly vying for an upper spot in the SEC East, and has sent multiple players to the NFL drafts early rounds. The most obligatory of all candidates to be discussed. Some argue that he left BYU for Virginia to prove he could coach and win outside the Mormon comfort of Provo, but even at the time it felt odd. He has Big Ten bona fides from his days as Ohio States DC and would bring serious credibility to a Nebraska program looking to get competitive in the conference. 2004-2023 CBS Interactive. Why It Might Work: Aside from the serious blow it would deal to a division opponent, Flecks prowess as a recruiter and coach are well known by this point. 2:45 am ET, Charges dropped against Georgia WR Rara Thomas, UCLA, Kelly agree to extension through 2027, Four Pac-12 programs renew contact with Big 12, NCAA committee approves new college football rules, Saban sounds off on proposed permanent opponents. He took a lowly Arizona program to the Pac-12 championship before losing to Oregon, proving hes capable of making a run in the right circumstance. Web/real-sports/ncaa-football/nebraska-cornhuskers-coaching-candidates The guy everyone wanted once upon a time? Some people are pounding the table for this guy, but to me, this is a fairly un-sexy pick. He tried his hand in the NFL with Jacksonville and face-planted so hardexacerbated by a truly staggering amount of off-the-field dramathat the owner fired him before he could even complete his first season. Why It Might Not: Canada clashed a bit with Ed Orgeron at LSU, leading some to believe that he was holding the offense back. Why It Might Not: Theres not a lot to knock, but theres not a lot to get excited about, either. Thats an untenable situation for any head coach. This guy has been around. Closing Comment: It seems like it would take a lot to talk Petersen into coming to Lincoln. And hes bred for the South. An Air Force grad who is coaching Air Force, Calhoun is in his 16th season there and has a record of 111-75 after 15 of them. Why It Might Not: At 64, Bohl is definitely on the tail end of his coaching career, and it might be asking a lot for the guy to completely rebuild his alma mater into something respectable. A program looking for energy could really benefit from that. The 11 games that explain the downfall of Nebraska football. Closing Comment: I was big on Charlie Strong and thought hed kick butt at Texas. Feldman believes Campbell, Leipold, and Chadwell are the leading Nebraska football head coaching candidates to replace Scott Frost. But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Why It Might Not: Its Jon Gruden. Hes got a history in the Big Ten, which he matches in terms of style. Monken is the current head coach at Army, a notoriously difficult place to recruit D-1 competitive athletes. He might be better suited for a rebuild situation where he has time to work out the kinks. Nebraska football has a new head coach and heading into the 2023 season, here are three breakout candidates for the Huskers. Instead, it's seen a far-flung outpost in a league that suddenly boasts a presence in New York, Chicago and soon Los Angeles. He's 45 and very much seems primed for a jump. It would be like bringing in a far less successful Dabo Swinney. Closing Comment: Its a huge if whether he leaves an NFL coaching gig in his prime when the Bengals have finally achieved liftoff. So without further ado, lets get into it. This is probably the name every sports writer and your mom is going to mention for Nebraska or any major head coaching vacancy, because Matt Campbell seems to be the up-and-coming head coach du jour. His time in Ann Arbor was one catastrophe after another, and the mistakes he made set the program back significantly. You may think Nebraska needs to hire him immediately, or you may think that Nebraska should not touch him with a ten thousand foot pole. As an alumnus in the coaching field, he may have the highest possible pedigree, and candidates like this simply dont grow on trees. But lets be honest, Gruden was really overrated. Well see if that changes. He was reportedly Michigans second choice if they didnt land Harbaugh in 2014. Why It Might Not: The Huskers have had mixed results with first time head coaches who needed to learn the job on the fly. You cant find a more aggressive, out-of-his-mind competitor beyond him other than possibly Jim Harbaugh. The timing of Scott Frosts firing three games in gives him a head start over everyone else in the coaching carousel cycle, and its still extremely early. Look at the teams against which they have lost. His time at Ohio State gives him an edge in recruiting knowledge, and at Texas he had no problem pulling in top classes. Although Mullen may have gotten fired in a profession with brutal expectations, there may have been problems underneath the surface. He also has a fiery disposition like a certain former coach and Husker fans find that generally off-putting. Absolutely. Why It Might Work: Canada did a remarkable job as Marylands interim HC. Prior to this development, insiders were saying Campbell was interested in only two jobs: Ohio State and Notre Dame. Bring him in, allow him to restore some semblance of competitiveness, and then when he retires (in 5 to 7 years), go after the elite guy. Native son Scott Frost was fired Sunday having gone 16-31 three games into his fifth season. Plus does he really want to leave the comfort of San Diego for a Big Ten job, again? Hes certainly a good coach, but is he elite? At the very least, like Jon Gruden, he knows the kind of player that the NFL prefers. His time at Arizona wasnt perfect either. So Ive compiled an exhaustive list below of virtually every coaching candidate I think Nebraska could pursue. Just imagine the press conferences. He was BYU's head coach from 2005 to 2015, going 99-43, and so it was a surprise when he left that job for a flailing Virginia program, which he promptly turned around and had them going to bowl games. Yeah, remember him? How would he fit? Why It Might Not: His stops at East Tennessee State, Delta State (Mississippi), and the Charleston-Greenville schools put him firmly in a region of the country far from Nebraska, so he lacks regional ties. Hes an Ohio guy who loves Ohio. Toledos head coach, he took over when Matt Campbell left for Iowa State. He also appears to be one of the better assistant coaches in Lincoln. Web2023 Commercial Intern Career Services | Nebraska Nucor 2023 Commercial Intern Posted on: March 1, 2023 Apply Now Internship Expires March 17, If youre looking for a Husker with head coaching experience who is likely to take the job and do at least moderately well, this is it. Meghan Hall. Closing Comment: Mendenhall is a really good candidate on paper. Why It Might Work: Hes a phenomenal recruiter and has demonstrated the ability to both scout and develop talent. How would the fan base react? Creighton has taken his programs as far as they realistically could go, so he could be worth a look. While things can and will almost certainly change before the end of the regular season, these are five realistic names for the Nebraska opening among current 7, quickly became a disappointment and they finished 7-6 with a loss in the bowl game. It would be a huge step up in expectations if Traylor came to Lincoln. But at this point he seems set on staying in Florida. He hasnt interviewed for any vacancies since his retirement. Campbell (10-7 in his last 17 games) may have simply hit his ceiling at Iowa State. The former Raiders and Bucs head coach is one of the sports biggest characters, and also one of the most controversial. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: collegefootball | pageType: stories | Strong would have to go a long way to prove that hes viable as head-coaching material for a big program. Why It Might Not: Well, for starters, hes in his late sixties. Patterson's skills were on display Saturday as he teamed with Longhorns defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski to limit Alabama to its fewest points in a true road game since 2017. If fans could get over the personality hang-ups, this might be the answer. Closing Comment: Its a risk. He may have reached his ceiling. At this point his work at Louisville may be seen as the outlier. He struggled (to put it mildly) to develop a quarterback. Urban Meyer, Fox analyst:The Huskers wouldn't would they? Scott Frost is out at Nebraska. Why It Might Work: Petersens record at Boise State was 92-12. He also beat Michigan in the Alamo Bowl. Why It Might Work: I think people are more excited by the work hes done at Kansas State, which is to essentially make the program feel like moving on from Bill Snyder is possible. Nebraska would be an even tougher job. And hes still young at 47. ET on March 15. Taylor is now the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL and brought them all the way to the Super Bowl, before losing to the Rams. Hes still fairly young at 46. If Trev Alberts were to poach him from Lawrence, Leipold would suddenly be under a lot more pressure. Maybe he could be worth considering, but rest assured there would be a lot of skeptics. And if he does, would he stick around? He is obsessed with winning and is known for relentless coaching, sometimes to unhealthy levels. Hes done a decent head coaching job at two different programs with limited resources, and hes turning 51 in December. His two turnarounds at Ball State and San Diego State (in his first stint) were impressive, considering what they were before he arrived. The Huskers lost 45-42 to Georgia Southern at Memorial Stadium on Saturday. Anytime you nab a successful head coach from the SEC, its going to create buzz. And hes kind of an oddball. Curriculum development and delivery of adult education courses. Mickey Joseph, Nebraska interim football coach Joseph, 54, was named Nebraska's interim coach Sunday. Gary Patterson, Texas analyst: This makes so much sense. Both are filled at the moment. Jerry Kill: If Nebraska wants to poach a head coach from another school, Jerry Kill seems like a logical direction to go. He was a bad fit in Austin, but his messaging was sound and seems like the perfect thing Big Ten programs would want. KSU hasnt had a breakthrough season yet. He is still a huge name that will be brought up with every vacancy at a major college football program. He might not want to take the risk himself. The move ended weeks of speculation about Ventrones status with the organization and left a significant void to fill both on the field and in the locker room. Entz could be riding on the coattails of North Dakota State, which finds it rare to not win the FCS national title. Now he doesnt seem to have the ambition to go after a big job with big expectations. Why It Might Not: Taggart was presumably given every help and benefit at Florida State and his failure there was not just the result of impatient boosters. Hes considerably more experienced than Monken and has a longer record. His experience working under Chip Kelly and Mark Helfrich at Oregon, as well as a vote of confidence from But isnt that what Nebraska tried with Mike Riley? Hes had other stops including LSU and is now the OC for the Pittsburgh Steelers. All eyes will be on his performance as the interim coach. Mike Locksley, Lane Kiffin, and Luke Fickell all got another chance after doing some "rehab" at a successful program. Northwestern has played in two of the last four Big Ten Championship Games. Closing Comment: Only the most butthurt Iowa-hating Husker fans would be against this. Meyer, a three-time national championship coach at Florida and Ohio State, was responsible for hiring OSU assistantZach Smith, whose wife accused him of abuse. Is this a championship-caliber coach? If youre looking for consistency, this might not be the best choice. He was a tough, hard-nosed coach who got his teams at Louisville to punch well above their weight and made them think they could be champions. Nebraska coaching candidates Mark Stoops, Kentucky coach: Stoops has spent a decade methodically developing the Wildcats into an above-average, competent Then he got booted for off-the-field allegations from his time at LSU. Mark Stoops, Kentucky coach: Stoops has spent a decade methodically developing the Wildcats into an above-average, competent SEC program. North Carolina or South Carolina (or even Clemson?) These are the head-explode, spit-take hires that the college football world would probably lose its mind over if Nebraska pulled it off. Why It Might Not: It looks a lot like Mike Riley, doesnt it? Why It Might Not: Was Fickells rejection of MSU a signal he wants to stay put long term, or is he leery of Big Ten competition and high expectations which he knows all too well? A competent athletic dept. After 15 seasons, Calhoun has yet to win the Mountain West. He has steadily turned NC State, one of the ACCs most lowly also-rans, into an ascending program. syntax error on token "boolean", record expected, milpitas high school football roster, carlsbad unified school district mask policy,

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