hierarchy of semantic html

How to Create the Copyright Symbol in HTML, HTML Superscript and Subscript Text And When to Use It. Jason Stumpf. Let me explain what I mean by this, by going through the steps to implement semantic HTML, with Apple’s webpage on Mac computers as an example. HTML element reference - HTML | MDN, Too often framework users make everything a div. In the second, we have a structure that looks like this: Which, if we were to think of this accurately and with some indenting to clarify the hierarchy, is a page outline and could be thought of like this: The only reason in the first example that you can discern the headlines is because they are short and they are in separate p tags, which by default in Firefox have margin around them. section, article, header,footer, and a few other special tags all help not only organize your content and make it easier to style, but also contribute to making your HTML make more sense both to the browser and to the user reading your page. Semantics. In the example above, I have an that acts as a placeholder for a logo and a